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what's this? another door?

ahahahaha, I've already used that title. XD meh!

whee, I have a lil get to know me! taken from greeny_chan's blog.
SCATTERGORIES: ... it's harder than it looks! Copy the text below, erase my answers, then use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the following. They have to be real places, names, things,. nothing made up! Try to use different answers if the person in front of you had the same first initial... You CAN'T use your name for the boy/girl name question.

What is your name? Julie

4 letter word: Just

Boys name: Joseph

Girls name: Julia  XD

Occupation: Juggler

A colour:    *screams with anger at not finding a color that starts with J* *cries*

Something you wear: Jumper

Beverage: Jolt cola

Food: Jam

Something found in a bathroom: Junk

Place: Jordan

Reason for being late: Just woke up 5 min ago! XD

Something you shout: Just do it!!
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I chanced upon this site from the bottom of an MSN....um...well, message screen!
A Ditty 4 You
"High Priority" had me crying, I was laughing so hard.

A new use for dental floss. I just eat it out of the pan I made it in. I'm THAT white-trashy.

BigK likes to sing songs! Most of the time it's at the top of his lungs, and in one falsetto note, but boy are they fun! Today it was "oh my word! oh my word! oh my word!" since we're teaching him to NOT say "oh my g--". LittleK had to join in, of course. He doesn't say the words, but his pitch and delivery were perfect. *sigh*

Day 5 of P-chan gone. Only 26 more to go. *sigh*

I got some greeting cards today for 97% off. Yep, that's right! 97%!!! Yeah, baby! The local Winn-Dixie store is closing, so getting rid of everything. Sure, some of the envelopes don't really match the mood of some cards, but whaddaya want for 7 cents?? The Sour Patch Kids I bought are so old they're not sour, but that's okay, too. I also bought some scrapbook-type page protectors for about a buck a set, that's super cheap. I'm very happy to spend money and save at the same time. In fact, I saved over $200 today! hehehehehehehe

My hair is being mean to me. If I wash it every day, it's limp and lifeless. But if I go more than 2 days without washing, it gets too much build-up. What's a girl to do?? Seriously! What?? I'll take suggestions! I am trying to grow it out, which is why I'm stressing. Otherwise I'd just get it chopped again, yay for spikey hair! And I just realized it will take all summer and then some for it to grow long enough for my plans to take over the world. Oh, wait, I just want to donate it, that's right....

LadyEm just found out she's pregnant. That's her 4th in that many years. I keep telling her she's crazy. I'm concerned about LadyK's reaction, as she can't have kids but wants them. Especially since LadyK thought she was pregnant (and maybe she was), so was telling everyone "but don't tell anyone, okay?" And then she apparently miscarried. Back when I got pregnant with LittleK, I was dreading telling her, because I knew she would avoid me. And she did! But I was planning for that baby. LadyEm did NOT plan for this one. *sigh*

Okay, yawns abounding here! I should to to bed. But I probably won't. LOL
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bad salad, evil salad

tonight there was a potluck thing at the church. I'll tell more about it later, I'm sure, but right now I think I'm sick from the salad I ate. Did the hands that prepared it curse me? Looks like we'll never know!

Last week, I was extended the calling to be the Laurel and Mia Maid advisor in the Young Women program. I wanted to die laughing, but I said okay. I mean, what the freak?? I HATED the Young Women program, growing up.. HATED!!! HAAAATEEEEED! I wanted NOTHING to do with it. For those of you that don't know what it is, it's my church's auxiliary for teen womyn. For various and sundry reasons, I began to loathe the beings than infested my local church, and that spread to my hatred of the program as a whole... Well, God works in mysterious ways, eh?

earlier today, I tried yet again to "talk P-chan into" having one more child. He said no, I said yes, we yelled and I stomped off to do the laundry since he was packing for a work assignment. and THEN I went to the ill-fated church activity. was it the sugar? did they have too much sugar? was it the other kids? too little sleep? I was sure feeling that last one. Whatever the reason, my children exhibited more characteristics of demons than of angels. ugh! Okay, you win, P-chan. No more kids.

I'm surprised at how much apathy I have for other peoples' kids. Especially babies. I can't stand them. They're messy, they sometimes stink, and they're fussy. Why in the world do I want another one of those?? But alas, I still do. Mine are different. Mine have baby poo that smells like rice pudding, the drool is contained, and they only fuss when I'm not holding them. *please, please, sense the sarcasm and insane longing in my words* Yes, I want another one, demmit! And I'd like a girl! With dark hair! But with two older brothers, she wouldn't be a wimp! I would disabuse her of that in an instant. But anyway, why am I going on about this? I don't know either. I was supposed to be talking about how I don't like other kids. Actually, my apathy. I don't "not like" them, I just don't care for them. Kinda like the dude on Firewall who says, "I don't hate you...I just don't care about you." I couldn't stop laughing, and P-chan thought it was pretty funny, because that's how we are about some--nay, most--people.

Don't get me wrong, we have friends, but P-chan thinks most of them are just "friends for here" rather than "friends for life" or some such. I'm fiercely loyal to my good friends, though. Something of a paradox?

I just realized that Pepto Bismol could make me feel better. I'll try it. I don't want to hurl in my sleep, or be awakened by the urge in the middle of the night. yick!
Okay, so I couldn't find Pepto, but I found Publix (that's a local store) brand Pink Bismuth...ah, crap, what's the last word on the label?....Liquid. I was dismayed that it expired a year ago, but what they hay! Its flavor is perhaps not as strong as ole PB, but that's okay.
*about 5 minutes later*
I think the rumbly in my tumbly has gotten worse. The thought of puking makes me want to puke. Okay, I'll stop now. I won't tell you how this ends.

P-chan is (finally) on his way home from That Pizza Place. I will attempt to stay awake. by proof-reading this entry. hahahahahaha man, I'm tired.

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I am so glad I don't use IE on a regular basis. In fact, when I opened it to use the link, I didn't recognize the toolbars installed. WHEN did those get installed?? Phish, anyone?

LittleK is officially obsessed with helicopters. I still don't understand how he said "helicopter" before "airplane" but whatever works. This morning he woke up, got out of bed, then walked to my room and climbed on the bed. When he realized I was awake, he smiled and said, "Mommy! Hand? Wann hoggogg!" Which means, "Mommy! Give me your hand! I want to take you to the fridge because I want a hotdog!" I told him he could have a waffle, so he danced out of the room singing, "waggle waggle!" Then he asked for juice and helicopters.

BigK just decided he wants a hot Uncrustable sandwich. eeewww!
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what's this? another door?

Bonus XP if you know who said that. ^^^

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uhhhhh....yeah. but no.

You're Love in the Time of Cholera!

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I thought I like gifts? can I still have them?

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sweet! I'm not the piggy!
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ochaaaaaa! ooooochaaaaa! I am the ghost of Capital High!

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and just so you know...no, I have no other excitement. blah!
off to the post office to send some things I sold over the internet. whee!
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I can imagine...

I saw a funny quiz so of course I had to take it. I imagined...

You Are Guinness

You know beer well, and you'll only drink the best beers in the world.
Watered down beers disgust you, as do the people who drink them.
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well worth my time. ^.^

Okay, I was tagged by Ocha (can someone tell me how to insert the LJ info??? please??), but I sadly don't have 5 friends so that form wouldn't work. Instead, I will just type it *sigh*.

5 Guilts
Culinary guilt: TV dinners. Explain yourself: Yes, I like them. The cheap ones. mmmmmm
Literary guilt: Georgette Heyer Explain yourself: Love, sweet love! And no smut! woot!
Audiovisual guilt: Clue The Movie or Tommy Boy Explain yourself: Can't! Stop! Laughing!!!!
Musical guilt: old Mariah Carey Explain yourself: Sure, she was an 'unhappy artist', but man she could sing!
Celebrity guilt: Bruce Willis Explain yourself: I thought I just did. :P
http://web.1asphost.com/rmlawson/Testbench/sillyljthing.html for your own!

Oh man, this is sad...
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J Pet

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Saphire Pheasant サファイアのキジ (per Babelfish)

I'm off to see the lizard...

music and musings

Listening to Cyndi Lauper's Twelve Deadly Cyns, and I had never heard her version of I Drove All Night. Surprsied me, since I thought it was an original Celine song. So I did what any person does when they encounter something wierd: I googled it. Here is what I found: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I_Drove_All_Night

Have you heard about the Star Wars TV show? http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/film/4484915.stm
Mixed feelings...but warming up to it. Maybe it would be cool to have "special appearances" by Obi...maybe...Thanks for the link, Ocha!

I received a small statue from my dad, just after the birth of my fist son. It's a mother, father, and baby. I LOVE it! But some time ago, bigK knocked it down and the father's head fell off. LOL Hope that's not a sign and portent. Anyway, for a long time I just left the head off to the side because I'm too lazy to actually fix it. Well, now the head is missing. oops.

Judeo-Christian Ethics (The Golden Rule)

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(no subject)

I can't get Bebo to work, so here's my blog.

Well, okay, so for several weeks I was tired (as in falling asleep on the couch or in front on the *gasp* computer). So I went to the doc. She said it's because I have small children. ha-ha, no. Okay, so maybe I'm in a mild depression? Well, I did have some symptoms, but again I said haha, no. So I basically had to DEMAND blood tests. Anyway, the results are in and I'm anemic because of low iron levels in my blood. FUN! Wait, no, it's not, that's right. Also, I am positive for the virus Epstein-barr (sp??), which is apparently linked to chronic fatigue. So, first line of business is to get my iron levels back to normal, which could take 2 months. Wake me up then.

At church, I'm now in charge of the Crafts & Scrapbooking group. I don't do crafts, so much to my delight, the ladies decided to focus on scrapbooking for the first few get-togethers. whew! That I can do! I shall impart my wisdom and perhaps some of the few metric tons of scrap-stuff I have (willfully) accumulated over the last 3 years. Has it only been that long? wow. Well, 3-1/2 now.

Still awaiting news on P-chan's orders. England or Italy may be on our horizon. And if we're not going anywhere, then I am going to DEMAND the newer housing. It was promised to us 6 months ago, and I think it's about darned time that we get it. I can't stand our puny 800 square feet anymore. When you consider that my friend is "paying" the same amount for over 1400 squares, well, I ask you, is that right? Heck no!

hmmm...I seem to be anger-venting. I hadn't realized I needed thatttttt. *ugh! my stupid stuttering keyboard!*

My "temporary" (I call it that because I do intend to lose the weight so the original will fit) wedding ring seems to be causing an allergic reaction because the silver plating seems to be wearing off. or something. Anyway, I have an angry red mark all around my finger, where the ring should be. I tried covering the offending parts with clear nail polish (something a sis recommended), but the nail polish melted in the hot Florida sun (er, sunset) and I need to use nail polish remover to get the gunk off my hand now. yuck.

Small-K said "all done" today. I love how he's trying new words all the time now! He cracks me up! :L His new favorite thing to do is wave good-bye to people. He ran after some squirrels today, growling...so I told him we don't growl at squirrels, we wave at them. So he started saying "hi" to all the squirrels at the park, and even waved bye when we left.

Big-K has a cold, and I told him he couldn't play outside because of it. He responded by screaming (with his voice cracking and all) "I'm not schick!" which was followed by a hacking cough. I finally relented when I realized he was just going to repeat it until he either threw up or ran out of voice.

Miss-L is being a royal pain in my butt. She refuses to do her chores, and instead ponders on the BIG question of the moment, "Who will I live with next?" This irks me greatly, because first, she won't do anything else. Second, she tells everyone we don't want her to live with us anymore. Third, and this has nothing to do with her, there are not a whole lot of family that will take her into their home. My oldest sister told me that she herself could not take Miss-L (I think she meant "would not" but whatever), and that Miss-L would be better off in a group home. DARN her! DARN her to HECK! Man, I swore in my head just then. Didn't you?

okay, enough ranting...I must save some for later...otherwise I would have nothing to write about. Because I'm not a happy person right now. >:(

love ya! :D

how about a quiz? more?

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does this mean I get shares in Matsumoto Shave Ice?
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